Reach out and touch someone.

Versatility is a major consideration when selecting gear. I was having a conversation with REDACTED about squad radio selection. There are many choices available, and the best way to select yours is to get with your group and has out the advantages and disadvantages of each choice to figure out which is best for your situation. I prefer equipment with a lot of versatility and multi-purpose capability.

Icom_IC02AT_with_DTMF_decoderHere is my trusty old Icom IC-02AT 2-Meter FM HT with a Digitmaster Pro DTMF decoder and a medium-size Swiss Army Knife (Super Tinker – my EDC) for size comparison. The Icom HTs have a good reputation, and 3%ers choosing them would not have been the first to select them.

popcomm-aug1983techno-viking-approves-large Most Ham VHF/UHF HTs are equipped with a DTMF (Touch Tone) pad.  If you look closely at one, you will notice some things about it:


You have 16 buttons: the digits 0-9, *, #, and he letters A-D. The digits are also marked with the alphabet, exclusive of Q & Z. Each digit represents three letters. Usually, Q&Z are represented by the “1” digit.  Ignoring the 4th column for now, the bottom row has three buttons.


04 03 #5 #5 #6 *9 #6 07 #5 *3 or


In addition to communications and signalling, DTMF can also be used for remote control.

reach-outDo not taunt happy fun ball.

Signal-3 Magazine Issue #2 (August)


I’m putting together Issue #2 of Signal-3.

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It’s about time we start weaning ourselves from The Net, and start entering meatspace more often.

You might even do what Agent T.W. Lee and I do:


Got smart Germans?


When the grid goes down, will you stay up?

John Jacob Schmidt of AmRRON reports:

DENVER – Internet providers suffered disruptions Tuesday in what a West Coast internet provider said appeared to be a coordinated physical attack on three high-capacity “backbone” lines in California.

Wave Broadband said three major fiber-optic cables in the Sacramento area were “physically severed in what appears to be a coordinated attack on multiple internet carriers.”

When the cables are cut, will you still be able to communicate and collect news and intelligence information?

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I will be at the Riverton, WY Gun Show July 10th-12th. for anyone who wants to pay with cash or barter.  Silver coin (bullion and pre ’64) and ammo (.45 ACP, .45 LC, .308 Win./7.62mm NATO, .22LR, .357 Mag., .38 Spc.) accepted.

July 18th Riverton, WY Workshop Update

  1. If you signed up for this event, you should have received an email with the particulars. If you have not received this email, please send me an email ASAP – <>.
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  3. Slots are still available for this event. The cost is $50, and also gives you $50 off any other class like the Intermediate Communicator class on August 15th-16th in Rock Springs, WY or the SIGINT/COMINT classes I’ll be scheduling later on in the year and next year. Click here to pay via Paypal.


See you in class.

I’m back!

Was back east doing research.


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24155 93749 31283 42794 38441
30603 64785 37566 74038 20177
30763 28036 91887 10620 94825
34095 38890 55866 62864 77415
46039 55669 52474 92431 58858
83664 39810 27499 66520 43586
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Normal communications to resume.


We are three weeks out from the American Redoubt Commo Workshop on July 18, 2015 in Riverton, WY. Slots are still available.

This is an intensive, information-packed, one-day workshop for American Redoubt region aimed at beginners who need help getting the communications aspects of preps together.  Individuals will learn about the communications resources available to them, how to get on the air, and how to start monitoring the airwaves for news and information about what’s going on in their region. The cost of this workshop is $50. Barter accepted.

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Beginner Basics: News and Intel Via Shortwave Radio


For the beginner, the first or second thing you should get is a portable Shortwave receiver like the Radio Shack  DX-402 (Cat# 20-0629) pictured above. Like most everything else Radio Shack sold, it is a re-badged Sangean ATS-505. You can find them in the $100 price range off Amazon and probably other places as well.  It’s shown with a 20 foot wind-up wire-spool antenna that Sangean calls the ANT-60.  They’re about $10 on Amazon. I say it’s the first or second thing you should get because if you live in an area that has sufficient unencrypted VHF/UHF public safety communications you should start with local intel and get a police scanner first.

A portable shortwave receiver gives you the capability to monitor international shortwave broadcasts, Amateur Radio operators, Citizens Band, and long-distance HF government comms, and “pirate” radio stations.  When the shit hits the fan I suspect the number of clandestine and pirate type broadcasts will increase.  For now, you can get intel from CB and ham operators, and an alternate take on the news from overseas shortwave broadcasters.

When looking for a portable SW receiver, find one that has the capability to receive Single-Sideband (SSB) mode.  SSB is used by hams, “serious” CBers, government and military “utility” stations, and many pirate stations.  However, techies who played with radio for a while know a few tricks to get an AM-only receiver to pick up SSB. (Got BC-221?)

Also buy an ANT-60, or even better build one out of 20-30 feet of small gauge stranded wire.  These portables are designed to work with short antennas, anything longer tends to overload and desense them.

The current favorite among preppers is the CountyComm GP-5 SSB General Purpose Radio. Eham rates it 4.3/5, so by most accounts it’s a good piece of kit. Cost is $75 which is reasonable for a quality SW portable with SSB.