J.P. Martin Sends: SGC-2020 for sale.

If one of my readers doesn’t snap this up, I will be disappointed…
J.P. Martin Sends:
These come up very rarely.  They are bricks.  Great portable rigs.  This is what they go for.  Anyway great survival rig.  Somebody should grab it.  I have 4 of them.
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Sad to say but after forty years I’m leaving the hobby.

Therefore my SGC 2020 with ADSP2 is up for sale. Photos available on request.

It’s in nice condition with hand mic. BNC connector on rear panel and power cord with filter and Power Pole connector. Works perfectly.

$500 firm plus shipping of your choice. Slightly additional for Paypal.





Horicon Wisconsin Class Update

Hi Guys,

Here’s an update on the upcoming Comms connection in Horicon Marsh September 13 & 14. Some of the people receiving this communique have already responded, so please ignore it or forward it to anyone you think might like to attend.

1. We have 17 seats of the 20 sold. That means only three places left. This will sneak up on us, so if you’ve been sitting on the fence, now is the time to make a decision.

2. We have prepared a lot of extra printed materials, 80 page bound color field antenna guide books, Sparks’ own book and frequency guides that are bonus at this event. You will come away with lots of extra freebees. We’re working on other things that will be helpful to anything you might do with comms during a grid down situation.

3. We’re providing lunch both days. Right now it’s sloppy Joes on Saturday and Sunday will probably be pulled pork or chicken. Salad or something remotely healthy Yes, the meat with be organic and grass fed. We’ll also have coolers of bottled water and BL.

4. Sparks is adding an extra section on effective use of field phones (like the cheap ones you can get online). He will be demonstrating how to set one up using a barbed wire fence as the wire.

5. There is a chance that an additional guest speaker may attend to discuss method of counter-communication (i.e. how to Jam to OPFOR) This is still indiscussiopn and may not happen.

6. There will be field exercises on Sunday for both simple Squad radio situations as well as HF strategies.

I’m sorry that several of you have other events that weekend, but again, please pass aslong our information to other interested parties.
IF THE REMAINING THREE SEATS ARE sold, there will be cool door prizes including a brand new Yaesu device and some goodie bags.
Remember, shoot, move and COMMUNICATE

Summer Camp


I remember when AT “Summer Camp” was a time of fun, joy, and hitting on the dancers at the Pizza Pub, a sport known affectionately as “hoggin”. Six packs of Bud and Guinness in a cooler at the TOC. Every once in a while they even gave us live ammo and not those gayer than a bag of dicks blanks with a set of MILES gear.

Seriously, it’s summer camp time folks. 30-88 MHz., 25 KHz. steps, look for the 151.4 hz. PL tone and the Milspeak. If you got a Spectrum Analyzer you can even see the happy little spikes of the SINCGARS in ECCM mode, assuming the unit’s commo section is on the ball.

Happy little ECCM spikes. And Guinness. Bud for the sissys who can’t handle real beer. And hoggin. I think I’m gonna have a flashback.


Reporting Information

Over at Western Rifle Shooters:


In order to be a useful sensor, you need to SALUTE.

  • Size: how many men in the unit?
  • Activity: what are they doing?
  • Location: where are they? Give map coordinates if available, otherwise the best description available.
  • Unit: who are they? Uniforms? Descriptions?
  • Time: when did you see them?
  • Equipment: what weapons do they have? Vehicles? Radios? Anything else distinctive?