Sparks31 On Appleseed Radio – 11/20/2014, Class Updates

Been a little busy as of late.  For those of you in the know, both are doing fine.  Thank you for your thoughts and well wishes.

Slots on all of these classes are filling up, so act quickly if you want to attend.



unitrunkUnitrunker, in conjunction with an RTL-SDR, is one of the software packages that will be discussed and installed during the SDR COMINT Class on December 13th. in Waterbury, CT (Click here to sign up.)

I have found the RTL-SDR to be more sensitive at 800 MHz. than the police scanner that I use in the field, but less selective.  For fixed installation monitoring posts, the RTL-SDR is definitely a worthwhile addition to your kit if you’re looking for an inexpensive multi-purpose wideband VHF/UHF communications receiver. It is not a police scanner, but will accomplish many of the same tasks with the right software packages.

When used with Unitrunker it enables you to monitor all the activity occurring on a particular trunked system. Additionally, you can have Unitrunker perform voice following with certain police scanner models.  You could, for example, find an older Uniden BC-250D handheld on Ebay for $100 and use it with Unitrunker.  You could also use an RTL-SDR as a P25 receiver in conjunction with Unitrunker.

Connecticut Activity – Ferguson Protests

Connecticut has two protests planned:


Prepare to activate your monitoring stations for the duration of this event.

Ferguson COMINT – Monitoring the “Protests”


“Now, with the grand jury’s decision expected in the coming days, the groups are preparing with intricate precision to protest the no-indictment vote most consider inevitable. Organizers are outlining “rules of engagement” for dealing with the police, circulating long lists of equipment, including bandages and shatterproof goggles, and establishing “safe spaces” where protesters can escape the cold — or the tear gas.”

They are prepared.  Are you?

  • Have you run an OSINT search on public safety agencies in your AO and their radio frequency data?
  • Do you have a communications receiver programmed up as a “bubba detector” for common portable radio frequencies that the “protesters” might be using?
  • Is your monitoring team ready to move into action when the grand jury makes their decision?
  • Do you know where is the action going to be?  ( and

This is the perfect opportunity for 3% COMINT teams to put their training into real-world use.

St. Louis – VHF/UHF public safety radio frequency data for St. Louis County.

On the HF side of the house look at:
2.3274, 2.4124, 2.4154, 2.4204, 2.4404, 2.4644, 5.1414, 5.1934, 7.4784, 7.8034, 7.8064, 7.9364 MHz.

Use the “Bubba Frequency” list for the “protesters”.

Someone better drop a collection team near all the action.

A Reader Sends: M-PA 101 Part 4 – Essential Items

One of our readers and blog supporters, Mark Cobbeldick – KB4CVN,  has gone above and beyond by creating a series of articles on the GE M-PA, an excellent quality American-made, LMR portable that would make a great squad radio, is inexpensive, and is orders of magnitude better than the China-made HTs, in particular that POS Baofeng that everyone seems so dammed enamored with.

The series now continues with the release of Part 4.

M-PA101_Part004 – Essential Items

Part 3

Parts 1 and 2